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Workforce Development & Training

Yates Construction is committed to providing the support, training, and educational programs needed to allow for professional development and high quality performance within our organization. We recognize that training is an investment in our future and enhances productivity and morale. Training also promotes continuous improvement, which is a critical component of our continued success.

Workforce Development

A primary goal of Yates Construction is to maintain qualified and trained craft workers. Yates Construction provides craft training through a standardized training program using the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Contren Learning Series. This program provides employees with hands on training that increases their knowledge base and skill set. In turn, this makes our workforce more productive and efficient. The program also provides Yates Construction the ability to assess the knowledge and skill level of our employees by Assessment Certification testing and use the results to target specific training needs. Yates Construction has collected several awards with regard to our workforce development program.

Mentoring Program

The Yates Construction mentor program builds one-on-one relationships between employees for the opportunities to build new skills, create a better work environment, enhance technical and managerial performance, and leverage the knowledge and experience of all Yates Construction employees. The mentoring program is aligned with company policies and procedures and is used as guidelines to help new employees become better leaders and builders.

Seminars and Continued Education

Yates Construction provides multiple training seminars and workshops to assure that our employees are provided with the tools and instructions to keep pace with changes in the industry and perform at the highest level.

Yates Construction recognizes that training is an investment in our future and enhances productivity and morale.