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Our Philosophy

We work every day to assure that we plan safety into every task.

We promote a culture of Safety

Utilizing behavioral-based safety management, our culture supports a zero-injury philosophy achieved through ongoing education, training, and behavioral modification. Our policy encourages dedication and an unwavering awareness to the safety and well being of the job site as a whole. Experience, continuing education, and personal responsibility ensure adherence to strict safety standards, and the results of our commitment are evidenced by continuously low EMR and incident rates.

Our Corporate Safety Team

Every Yates employee is a member of our corporate safety team and strives to achieve a zero incident rate on every project.

Safety Recognition

Through company-wide collaboration, we have achieved a nationally recognized level of safety success. In recent years we have received more than 45 safety awards including the Associated Builders and Contractors’ National Safety Excellence Award – the organization’s highest level of safety recognition.

Experience, continuing education, and personal responsibility ensure that our safety standards are met and exceeded.