Yates’ team of industry leaders uses advanced technologies to increase cost-efficiency, maximize reliability, and expedite construction schedules for clients throughout the power industry. A proven track record of managing both large and small-scale power plant construction projects coupled with our industry best practices, outstanding safety record, and the ability to provide EPC projects in a variety of global regions makes us an ideal partner for many of the industry’s leaders.

Our capabilities include engineering and construction services for new generation, air quality control retrofits, water and wastewater upgrades, general betterment projects, switchyards, asset improvement, and maintenance projects. As an industrial building contractor, Yates ensures all of our projects meet all emissions control standards and employ sustainable principles and environmental stewardship.

Recent Clients

  • Georgia Power
  • Gulfpower
  • Jacksonville Electric Authority
  • Seminole Electric Cooperative
  • Southern Company LLC
  • Western Farmer’s Electric