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    Yates Construction performed construction services for the William F. Winter Archives and History Building, which serves as the main administration building and home for the State of Mississippi archives collection. The architecture of this new 146,000 SF facility blends with its historic neighbors and forms an appropriate backdrop for the Old Capitol Building. The facility’s major programmatic divisions are public areas for the study of State archives, administrative office spaces, archivist work areas, and archival stack storage areas. The six-story facility consists of a concrete structure on drilled piers with an Indiana limestone exterior and curtain-wall windows. Special interior construction includes mechanically-assisted mobile storage shelving and computer access flooring, and interior finishes include wood wall panels, limestone, drywall, and concrete masonry. Yates Construction also built the facility’s two-story central mechanical plant with a concrete structure on drilled piers, which features architectural precast concrete and brick veneer exterior finishes. The facility’s roof features a steel truss with aluminum louver blades.



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