Sustainable Construction Materials at Yates Construction


Sustainable Construction Materials at Yates Construction

Yates Construction is dedicated to providing high performance buildings and services based on environmentally-conscious principles. We are committed to integrating sustainable construction material, design and construction practices in our operations to provide safe, healthy, and economically viable projects. Additionally, we believe it is our responsibility to be good stewards of our environment.

In response to the ongoing transformation of the industry, Yates Construction is dedicated to the initiative of promoting value-driven building design processes that emphasize design excellence, user satisfaction, reduced operating costs, and environmental responsibility.

As a leader in sustainability project, we continue to focus on practices using sustainable construction material.

Sustainability Policy

One of our primary responsibilities is to provide efficient facilities using sustainable building practices and materials. This applies beyond construction projects to supporting activities and company assets. Our Sustainability Policy is part of our triple bottom line philosophy which encompasses people, planet, and profit. The following initiatives are implemented throughout Yates Construction:

  • Promote education and professional development by encouraging employees to pursue LEED accreditation in the form of LEED AP or Green Associate. Incentives are put in place for all successful participants.
  • Measure the company’s carbon footprint through an annual survey. The results are used to measure the carbon footprint of the company and progress on sustainable goals.
  • Set yearly reduction targets for company’s carbon footprint.
  • Reduce construction waste, promote the use of sustainable construction material and and increase recycling on construction projects by implementing a Construction Waste Management Plan. Strategies include on-site or off-site sorting.
  • Implement programs to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Partner with local community organizations to increase awareness of environmental issues.
  • Use purchasing strategies that put preferences on locally manufactured office supplies and construction materials.
  • Employ a Director of Sustainability whose task is to create, direct and support the implementation of the programs and strategies listed in this policy throughout the company.
Our Commitment to Clients

We work with our clients to blend affordable services with environmental and energy goals to create high performance projects.

Whether a project is striving for LEED certification or has independent sustainability project goals, Yates Construction has the ability to meet our client’s expectations. We maintain a large staff of LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED AP). Every project pursuing certification under a LEED rating system is supported with a LEED AP.

Our People

Yates Construction provides safe, healthy working environments for our employees.  We provide in-house LEED training, promote professional development, and incentivize LEED accreditation. Our staff of LEED Accredited Professionals is trained to provide construction services to meet our clients’ needs. Our employees serve in-state, regional, and national non-profit organizations. Yates Construction employees are encouraged to participate in community organizations that work toward more viable neighborhoods through the use of sustainable construction material. Sustainability at Yates Construction is incorporated at all levels of our organization.

USGBC membership

As a USGBC Member, Yates construction is involved with a diverse group of building professionals to help further develop the green building industry. Our employees serve on local and national levels within the USGBC organization and communicate the most current green building initiatives.