Yates Construction’s Annual Brother’s Keeper Week

July 14th – 18th is Yates Construction’s annual Brother’s Keeper Week. With the ultimate goal of achieving zero accidents, Yates Construction has embraced a culture of behavioral based safety and encourages everyone, through their own behavior and actions, to promote a safe project site and prevent injuries. With our Brother’s Keeper Program, Yates Construction has taken this concept a step further and encourages all of our employees to look out for one another. Even when all systems and procedures are in place, safety depends on the human factor; and if safety requirements aren’t being followed, it’s not just up to the leaders of the project to correct the action. When an employee signs the Brother’s Keeper Pledge, they are promising to make a positive impact and help ensure that everyone works safely and goes home to his/her family each day. Any construction project involves a number of potential safety risks, so through our Brother’s Keeper Program we are adding another layer of safety and encouraging all employees to be visible leaders and take action for the safety of the people on site.  When someone commits to being an active participant in the Brother’s Keeper Program, they are personally committing to:

  • Having a proactive safe attitude and being accountable for themselves
  • Intervening and stopping work whenever they observe an unsafe act or unsafe condition
  • Immediately telling a co-worker if they identify any inappropriate or missing personal protective equipment
  • Doing their part to keep the job site clean, so it is safe for everyone
  • Actively sharing ideas with their co-workers to improve safety
  • Looking for ways to coach others on safe work practices
  • Making sure they and their co-workers and are using the right tool for the job
  • Consistently demonstrating their commitment to safety through their own behavior and actions
  • Engaging and participating in the behavioral based safety program to make sure that those around them do as well
  • Using Safety Task Assessment’s (STA’s) and SAC’s for each activity and making sure their entire crew does as well
  • Checking their co-worker’s SAC’s and verifying that it is accurate for the work they will be doing together
  • Saying thank you to any co-worker who identifies their own unsafe behavior and thanking them for caring enough to tell them

Safety is our number one core value and we hope this program reinforces a sense of camaraderie and reminds us how important it is that we work together to ensure a safe work environment.