Yates Role to be Expanded on MS Power Kemper Plant

8/9/2012, Gulfport, Miss. – With commercial operation of its Kemper County IGCC plant less than two years away, Mississippi Power is well-positioned to execute the most critical next steps in the peak construction phase beginning later this year.

“Our partnership with our construction contractors is stronger than ever,” said Mississippi Power President and CEO Ed Day. “Together, for the benefit of Mississippi Power customers and Mississippians, we’re safely executing on a 21st century coal plant that will deliver clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy.”

Day further remarked that the company recently realigned the project work of onsite contractors so that each company can focus on its key competencies and bring the project online by May 2014.
Realigning the scope of work for the three onsite contractors is expected to optimize each company’s core strengths and lead to reduced overall costs for our customers.

Yates Construction is the primary and largest Mississippi contractor onsite. They will continue to build the combined cycle power plant and assume an increased scope of additional projects.
Currently, more than 2,000 workers are onsite, with more than half from Mississippi. Mississippi Power anticipates having up to 2,500 workers onsite during peak construction, and more than 250 Mississippi companies are involved in the project.

“From the very first day the Kemper facility goes online, our customers will realize these energy benefits on their monthly bill,” said Day. “Capturing byproducts onsite is one of the attributes that further proves that Kemper is the best long-term option for our customers’ energy future.”

Mississippi Power, a Southern Company subsidiary, serves approximately 188,000 customers in 23 southeast Mississippi counties.